Freedom 45

We are excited to launch a new initiative for the Highwood Wildrose Constituency Association.

What is it ?

Freedom 45 Club - represents the 45 MLA's the Wildrose needs to free Alberta from the debt fueled big government NDP. Joining this club is your opportunity to be part of the plan to replace the NDP and help your MLA Wayne Anderson and local Wildrose Constituency be re-elected in 2019.

To join the Freedom 45 Club all you have to do is make a monthly donation of $45. You will receive the following benefits by joining today:

1. A tax receipt for $540 annually;

2. Priority invitations to all Wildrose events in your constituency (Speaker Events, Rallies, Board Meetings, Golf Tournaments, Christmas Parades, Parties....);

3. Invitations to all constituency meetings and access to the board;

4. Invitations to the MLA monthly update sessions;

5. Invitation to the Freedom 45 annual members event; and

6. A special pin acknowledging your support;

Your monthly contribution will allow your MLA, Wayne Anderson, the Wildrose Party and Highwood Constituency be a stronger opposition and hold the NDP accountable on key promises around Bill 6 and others. For example - every monthly donation of $45 equates to 75 brochures, 25 lawn signs or the cost of phone line for community outreach. Can you imagine what good we could do with 100, 200, 300 or 1000, Freedom 45 Club members in the Okotoks, High River and surrounding area.

This is your chance to be part of restoring the Alberta Advantage, holding the NDP accountable now and defeating the NDP in 2019!

All major Credit Cards are accepted.

To charge reoccurring online payments on your credit card you DO require a PayPal account.

Please create a PayPal account at before selecting your subscription type (i.e.: monthly/yearly).

If you do have and do not wish to make a PayPal account please use the downloadable pdf form.

Monthly Payments

Yearly Payments

Contact Us

(403) 908-0101

Wildrose does not accept payment from, or issue tax receipts to: towns, villages, municipalities, school districts, or other prohibited corporations; for details pertaining to the definition of a 'Prohibited Corporation' please consult or call Elections Alberta at 780-427-7191.

Expensing this event through a prohibited corporation is a violation of the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act. An individual or prohibited corporation that contravenes this Act is guilty of an offence and is liable to a fine. Payment information provided must be from your business/personal funds and not associated with any of the above.


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